SuperVamp, or SuperZombie?

So….today’s conversation contemplated the following question….

Can Superman be turned into a vampire or zombie?

My only question is….which would be worse?



Didn’t Really Do Anything…

Seriousness is not a job requirement…even from the captain of the ship….

From: Hot Wheels Aficionado
Sent: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 2:08 PM
To: Customer Wise One; Me
Cc: President Extraordinaire
Subject: RE: ASAP Deadline: Report Needed

Thanks. Let me know or just CC me when/if you send it to Stacie.

Thanks All (Well, not President Extraordinaire. He didn’t really do anything!)

Hot Wheels Aficionado
Marketing Manager | Phone/Fax | Toll Free


From: President Extraordinaire
Sent: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 2:34 PM
To: Hot Wheels Aficionado ; Customer Wise One; Me
Subject: RE: ASAP Deadline: Report Needed

Correct…..and it will remain that way.


Programming Virgins

All in a days conversations…..

Me: “It looks like a crime scene in here….”

Boss: “All that is missing is the blood splatter…”

Me: “That can be arranged…”

Boss: “Well….who do you propose we sacrifice?”

Me: “Typically, a virgin….”

Boss: “Can you program that..?”

Me: “No, the code for that was broken long ago….”

I wonder if the new AI sex dolls are considered virginal until utilized….?