A Geeky Little Christmas



The Holiday’s are here and since I’m a (wo)man of few words. I thought I’d share some geeky funnies.






And last, but not least, Geek and Poke…because everything is better with Geek and Poke.


May the best of 2019 be the worst of your 2020. Happy Holiday’s All and a Blessed New Year!

Yours Faithfully,
R3b3l G33k


The Scariest Thing



What’s the creepiest/downright scariest thing to happen to you or someone else in your hometown/city?

I ran across this question today and it sparked an old memory.

When I was 17 or 18 my dad, and a friend, owned a garage/gas station. One of the guys who worked for them, Frank, was obsessed with his ex-girlfriend. I mean stalking obsessed.

She started dating someone else and Frank went off the rails. Shot her, her mother, and father.

I remember my dad calling me at home and telling me to lock the doors, windows, and to call him if I saw Frank. He didn’t tell me why at the time and I didn’t ask. My dad was always calm and collected so it was out of the norm to hear him a bit panicky.

I later found out about the shooting and Frank driving down our alley trying to hide. The stupid thing was….Frank drove a canary yellow corvette. The police found him rather quickly – Thankfully!

I cannot imagine what his ex-girlfriend went through, or her family, but she is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.

Have you ever experienced anything like this?

Yours Faithfully,
R3b3l G33k


All Grinched Up

Halloween decorating was a great success for the IT department…unfortunately. Since it was a success a repeat performance has been requested for the Christmas season.


The IT department is Grinch-afied. We do not want to decorate!

We exhausted our energy on Halloween because…well…Halloween is our favorite. The dark dungeon of IT should be the first clue for anyone who doubts.


The office receives a pizza party if all departments decorate. ALL departments. Ugh!

So…. How do you motivate an unmotived and bah humbuggish department to decorate?

I have no idea! 

Yours Faithfully,
R3b3l G33k