Overheard in Cubicle Land

Mysterious Cubicle Dweller: “Can I borrow your brains?”

Holder of the Brains: “Sure, but I’d better wash them first. They’re a little on the sticky side. Oh, do they need shoes?”

Shoes…because how else are brains supposed to get around? 



Statement of the Day

Today’s Random Statement….

Poor Innocent Soul: “I’m going to propose….”

In Unison Response: “…but, we’re all married!?”

One must always be prepared for the sharp minds in IT.


Given the Finger…or Toe?

Today’s overheard statement…

Cubicle-Dweller One: “I just ate a finger, or toe, not sure which one….it tasted funny though…”

Cubicle-Dweller Two: “You know you shouldn’t be eating appendages, right? Hhmmmm maybe that’s why my sock keeps falling down….”

Cannibalism in the work place OR, the onset of Halloween candy in the hallowed halls of cubicle land? I have yet to decide….