iLive vs. iDead

Statement of the day….

“People keep calling wanting to talk to a live representative. I really have the urge to pass them off to a dead one!”

I have often wondered if I’ve reached a living, or dead, representative when calling customer service. I now have the answer!

Is it possible I’m living in an episode of iZombie and I didn’t know it….??




Statement of the Day

Over heard in passing….

“Go hug a venomous spider, you Vitamin D-deficient circus clown!” 

I have yet to decide if this is the best insult I have ever heard or a highly inventive way to tell someone to drop dead…. decisions, decisions 🙂



Email of the Day

The Randomness of work email….

From: Administrative Assistant
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2018 2:10 PM
To: Everyone under the Sun
Subject: trunk open in bad wind

There is a Gray Honda in the parking lot whose trunk is a jar

Here I always thought a trunk was a trunk, and a jar was a jar. Now a trunk can be a jar? What’s next a tire can be a spare? 😉

Life is short, laugh at the little things!


Given the Finger…or Toe?

Today’s overheard statement…

Cubicle-Dweller One: “I just ate a finger, or toe, not sure which one….it tasted funny though…”

Cubicle-Dweller Two: “You know you shouldn’t be eating appendages, right? Hhmmmm maybe that’s why my sock keeps falling down….”

Cannibalism in the work place OR, the onset of Halloween candy in the hallowed halls of cubicle land? I have yet to decide….