Commitment to Commenting

When you’re searching for a solution and find the best code comments…


Although the funniest comments I’ve ran across stated:


This code does something. Once I figure out what is it I’ll use it.


To this day, no one knows what the code does….and no one touches it!

If you’re talking about my comments… You get statements like this:


————Failed attempts to achieve random goals – moving on!————

My commitment to commenting could have me committed…. but moving on!


Confirming the Confirmation is Confirmed

Sometimes, Wednesdays start off a little weird….

ME: Hey, the ExportCD job has been running for 11 hours. It should only take an hour and a half….

Genius-Developer-Guy: Yep, sounds like a problem. *Quickly walks out the door…*

Well…at least we’ve confirmed there’s a problem.


Didn’t Really Do Anything…

Seriousness is not a job requirement…even from the captain of the ship….

From: Hot Wheels Aficionado
Sent: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 2:08 PM
To: Customer Wise One; Me
Cc: President Extraordinaire
Subject: RE: ASAP Deadline: Report Needed

Thanks. Let me know or just CC me when/if you send it to Stacie.

Thanks All (Well, not President Extraordinaire. He didn’t really do anything!)

Hot Wheels Aficionado
Marketing Manager | Phone/Fax | Toll Free


From: President Extraordinaire
Sent: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 2:34 PM
To: Hot Wheels Aficionado ; Customer Wise One; Me
Subject: RE: ASAP Deadline: Report Needed

Correct…..and it will remain that way.