R3b3l G33k

It occurred to me, after all this time, the About page is about those wonderful co-workers in my world. It is not, in fact, about me. So, I’m going to remedy that little snafu.

The Short Version:

I Grew up an old-fashioned country girl in nowhere Nebraska. Started out life as an auto mechanic – I can rebuild engines with the best of them!

Became bored with auto mechanics, ventured into Psychology. Discovered everyone was crazy, it wasn’t just me. Discovered computers and the fact they were more intelligent than my ex-husband. Ditched the husband and Jumped into the IT world 1996. Never looked back. Currently living my working life in SQL world as a Data Analyst while working to break into the cyber security world.

The Long Version:

First, I go by R3b3l G33k on most forums, tech blogs, and geeky sites. I go by R3b3l G33k because I am the black sheep in the family.

My father is a savvy business owner, college man, magical car mechanic, and the greatest father in the world.

My siblings run the gambit of normal – one is a college accounting person (boring!), another is a Doc in Psychology, and the last is a ranch hand. You know, the average stuff everyone does.

I am….the black sheep of the family.

My first time through college was for auto-mechanics. I can build an engine, transmission, and fix what breaks. Once I learned how it all worked, I was bored.

Second time through college was for psychology. I know how the mind works. Why people do the stupid things they do. Once I learned how it worked, I was bored.

Third time through college was for software engineering. I learned I could piss off my English teacher by telling him Shakespeare knew more than he did – it was true. Any question he asked I could find a Shakespeare quote which answered it far more succinctly then he could. I learned I hated visual basic. Loved Linux. And learned far more on my own then I did in any class.

I’ll be paying off my useless student loans for the rest of my life. But, I learned something very important… If you really want to learn something there are cheaper ways to do it.

So…I stopped going to college. I know, how dare I!

Since I left college I have repeatedly built my own machines and labs. I’ve learned, on my own, Kali Linux, BlackArch Linux, SQL, Powershell, Python, and everything Security related I can get my hands on.

I’ve also learned a certification will go further than a college degree – which would have been nice to know $18,000 earlier.

I’m a lover of Dr. Who, Big Bang Theory, Quantum mechanics, Star Wars, Star Trek, DnD, gaming, Supernatural, Lucifer, books, and avoiding social gatherings.

I also run a couple of other blogs you’re welcome to check out:

Thinking Out Loud – I ramble, complain, reveal far to much, and say what I’m really thinking.

Wicked Witch of the Mid-West – I’m a little wicked at heart.

8 Minute Moron – This one is new, still defining the concept.

And that, my friends, is me in an long drawn out nutshell.

Welcome to my insanity!

Yours Faithfully,
R3b3l G33k