The Analysts!

We applied. We were hired. We were put in a cubicle and asked to excel. Then….we got to know each other! The rules were rewritten. The OCD became apparent. And the laws of physics were thrown out with the bananas. There are no rules!

HR might beg to differ but….

There is no sanity like the insanity of The Analysts!

The Key Players:

Boss-Type-Lady: She’s the boss. Really! And Thank Goodness! We’d be a mess by now without her.
Leo: The only slave….man….work husband….man on the team. Surrounded by Work Wives, just say “Poor guy!”, and mean it!
Bee: Keeper of the grounded-ing-ness. Yes, it is not a word but hey, it’s my story. She is our sanity check with a touch of chaos theory.
Andrea: Say-it-like-it-is with heart and attitude. Definitely more heart than attitude! Oh, and alter ego. Yes, can’t forget the alter ego.
Dan-chan: She who puts the ‘nique’ in unique. And I mean that in a completely non-French translation way.
Me: I’ll just leave this here for now.

All names have been changed to confuse and confound. Oh, and to protect the not-so-innocent.


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