About the Characters

The IT Team (Or, Players from Current Job)!

The times they have a changed. The job is no longer the job, but a new job has ensued. As has the hilarity, off-handed comments, and complete conundrums! The new players in this epic adventure are astounding, amazing, and often quoted (much to their horror!). One must have a funny bone in this group of problem solvers!

Let’s introduce the New Key Players:

The Boss, or Dan-ish (haven’t fully decided): Seriousness is a side-affect of a position of power but, the funny bone is ever present. His contribution to our ‘Squirrel’ moments is document-able!

Corvette-Crazy: The Corvette rumbles with hilarity. Poor soul is the most picked on, but gives as good as he gets. Hats off to the many talents of the wise cracking, corvette driving, crazy one! Never change!

The Genius Developer Guy: We bow at the feet of the great one….because we all wish we had his brain! We would also like a dash of his sense of humor. One cannot live by brilliance alone but, one can stand in a class all their own. Bravo Brilliant one, Bravo!

Make-it-so-Mike: In the world of IT, documentation is both loved and hated. Documentation with a sense of humor…now that’s something to write home about! The one person who could document the atoms on the head of a pin, and make it enjoyable to read. And, join in every ‘squirrel’ moment…or cause it…it all depends on the amazing talent being called on!

All-in-a-Days-Work: The often misquoted, always put together, and forever two steps ahead, only other woman on the team. I stand in awe and amazement of her talents…and knowledge! Her quick wit keeps the team on their toes. Long live the tireless one!

And of course….

Me: The observer, instigator, and less brilliant one whose hope is the greatness in this group will, eventually, rub off on me. Until then, I shall document the finest moments for all posterity…or at least for a few laughs.

The Analysts (Or, the Players from a Former Job)!

We applied. We were hired. We were put in a cubicle and asked to excel. Then….we got to know each other! The rules were rewritten. The OCD became apparent. And the laws of physics were thrown out with the bananas. There are no rules!

HR might beg to differ but….

There is no sanity like the insanity of The Analysts!

The Key Players:

Boss-Type-Lady: She’s the boss. Really! And Thank Goodness! We’d be a mess by now without her.
Leo: The only slave….man….work husband….man on the team. Surrounded by Work Wives, just say “Poor guy!”, and mean it!
Bee: Keeper of the grounded-ing-ness. Yes, it is not a word but hey, it’s my story. She is our sanity check with a touch of chaos theory.
Andrea: Say-it-like-it-is with heart and attitude. Definitely more heart than attitude! Oh, and alter ego. Yes, can’t forget the alter ego.
Dan-chan: She who puts the ‘nique’ in unique. And I mean that in a completely non-French translation way.
Me: I’ll just leave this here for now.

All names have been changed to confuse and confound. Oh, and to protect the not-so-innocent.

Yours Faithfully,
R3b3l G33k


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