Recycled, Recycling, Cannibals…

A little back story here…

Started a new job two months ago which means…new victims! I’ll need a whole new batch of nicknames…hhmmmm…

Anyway,new job, new people, new problems to solve. Current problem…lots of old computer ‘stuff’ which needs to be recycled. Thankfully, I have a contact!

Made contact with contact. Contact will contact me when contact has time to pick up ‘stuff.’ Woohooo for contacts and contacting contacts and being contacted!

In prep for my contact making contact to pick up ‘stuff’ we’ve been placing stickers on items to be recycled. Woohooo for stickers on ‘stuff’! (I may have had to much coffee today…don’t judge…)

So, stickers are on ‘stuff’ waiting for contacted contact to make contact to pick up said stickered ‘stuff’. Excitement is building to be rid of said ‘stuff.’

New co-worker, we’ll call him Mr. Corvette-Crazy cause…ya…lol Anyway…

Mr. Corvette-Crazy: *Places recycling ‘stuff’ sticker on forehead and sits there*

Me: *Gives sideways glance to Mr. Corvette-Crazy*

Bossman: Are you wanting to be recycled? We’d have to pay for them to take you.

Me: They’d pay us to keep him…

Mr. Corvette-Crazy: Hey! I was going to give you a thanks for setting the recycling up.

Genius-Developer-Guy: They’d probably get good money out of your parts. Two kidneys, a liver…they could even piece out your liver and give it to a couple of people.

Bossman: You never know they could be cannibals…

Me: Oh! Soup sounds good for supper!

Mr. Corvette-Crazy: *Quickly removes recycling sticker*

We will never know if the recycling company will take him, or if they’re cannibals…very disappointing…


Yours Faithfully,
R3b3l G33k


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