Coffee: Keeping Us Capable

The Zombie Apocalypse is far more inviting then catching some of us before coffee. I, for one, resemble a zombie before coffee. Sluggish, incoherent and in desperate need of brains.

So, first thing in the morning, you will find our tribe invading the break-room. It is a mass exodus from our area to the coffee machine. Along the way you may hear grumbles, growls, incoherent mumbling but, for the most part though, we’re personable. Unless…. there is no coffee. images

Then our quiet, well-behaved group starts looking for the culprit.

We want to know who we need to hunt down? Why they didn’t make more coffee? Why there is no coffee? In what world do they live where you don’t make a new pot of coffee when you empty one? How long have they worked here? Where is a good place to hide their body? You know, the usual questions.

We have expressed our concern to HR on many occasions. Why is proper coffee etiquette not part of orientation? Everyone needs to know when and how to make coffee. It needs to be a crime walking past the coffee making and not ensuring there is coffee. There MUST be coffee!!!

By the time we’re done debating all of this, again, a new pot of coffee is done brewing. We amazing return to sane, logical, people after a dose of caffeine.

I shutter to think what would happen if we found no coffee to brew while we debated…. Empty Coffee Cup Carrying Zombie Apocalypse?


Yours Faithfully,
R3b3l G33k


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